Manere sanus et fortis

Carbonnier Communications is a specialised international marketing boutique focusing on premium terroir-based and traditional food, wine and spirits. 

At Carbonnier Communications, our overarching objective is to stimulate sales, increase visibility and enhance the reputation of the companies we represent in the U.S. market. Our unique understanding, shared values and passion for their products, allows us  to operate as part of the team, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

Over the years, we have developed strong networks in the areas of interest to our clients. Our approach is dedicated, proactive and practical. The programmes we develop are designed to reach trade professionals and organisations, influencers and opinion leaders. Additionally, these programmes may be complemented by a strong educational and public relations element, special events or the pursuit of more innovative solutions.

If we had a motto, it would be “we give our clients additional brain power and boots on the ground”.