Distillation – The Birth of Cognac and The Art of Blending show both the traditional and contemporary sides of Cognac from vineyards to cocktails. Developed and created with the help of GrapeRadio, an award winning video and radio company, as well as the participation of professionals from the Cognac universe including growers, distillers, mixologists, barrel makers, a sommelier and chef. The two videos show how fascinating and multifaceted Cognac is.

When we started to work for the Cognac organisation (BNIC), most producers were uncomfortable with blending Cognac into cocktails. As reflected in these videos, our collaboration helped producers understand trends in the US market, as well as show US consumers how wide ranging Cognac can be, in terms of products and consumption. By virtue of multiple promotional efforts, we estimate Distillation – The Birth of Cognac has had over 150,000 views since 2011.